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The story of my foster parents is very interesting! I was talking with my Mom Judith Cook today 2/8/03, and she said she thinks my foster family won an award for being the number one best foster family in California! The love and care given to me in my early months has allowed me to survive lifes challenges. I know my foster family made a major impact on my life and I want to thank you personally! One of the ways I remember you is with a book that you wrote for me about my first months which included pictures of me and stories about our interactions together. I hope to one day meet again so I can thank you for all you gave me. I will post the few details about you that I have as soon as I can.

Fast forward to July 1967, I was born! When I was born, my mother named me David Vincente McGunn. She was unable to raise me and put me up for adoption. My father Vincent Williamson was also unable to raise me and I was I was adopted by my new family, the Cook's who re-named me Jason because they already had a son David. We moved to Silver City, NM and I grew up there in that small rural town. ...more about Jason McGunn

If my foster family finds this posting, I want you to know that I love you so much for the care and love you gave me and would like to reconnect with you! I will put some baby pictures up and more information as soon as possible to confirm that I am the foster child you cared for. Contact me any time.

Fast forward to 2003. This project is designed to make contact with every relative possible. As you contact me, I will build web sites of communication with your branch of the family. Click here for a beginning example of what we can do together!

Free family crests and free family coat of arms are interesting to me. I am currently doing research. Our family migrated from the county of Cork in Ireland arriving in Michigan because of the potato famine in 1840. We shortened our name from MacElgunn to McGunn once in America. Schnepp is one surname including many more that will be listed soon.

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