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Birth Mother: McGunn
Birth Father: Williamson
Adoptive parents - Cook
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McGunn Family Updates!

McGunn Jason geneology and family tree project
I know how to spell genealogy ; )

The story of the McGunn (MacElgunn) family begins in Ireland in the county of Cork in 1835.

Fast forward to July 1967, I was born! When I was born, my birth mother named me David Vincente McGunn. (McGunn is her maiden name and Williamson is my fathers last name). She was unable to raise me and put me up for adoption. I was adopted by the Cook's (mothers maiden name Martin), who re-named me Jason because they already had a son David. We moved to Silver City, NM and I grew up there in that small rural town.

While growing up, I often wondered about my heritage. When you are adopted, records about your heritage are sealed forever, so my information was very minimal. The system is designed to keep you from reconnecting with your family. Usually it works very well, but occasionally people are able to find their heritage.

Miraculously, I found my birth mom when I was twenty three. I learned so much about myself! I traced my fathers roots to slavery and currently have more than thirty hours of family interviews on video that will one day be a wonderful documentary. My grandfather has since passed away, but I am so thankful that I was able to preserve my history through him and other relatives. I learned of my mothers roots dating back to the potato famine in Ireland, county of Cork.

I believe everything happens for a reason. I was adopted because that process developed a dramatic understanding of the personal impact of loosing my heritage. The most valuable lesson I learned from my experience is the importance of maintaining family relationships, records and heritage. I am so thankful to those who have compiled geneology information that I would really like to thank them personally with a big hug. I feel my generation is responsible for continued research and developing stronger family relationships. I have come to realize that is the purpose of my existance. I know from experience that knowledge of family history strengthens us and our future. Even if you do not agree, your children will be impacted by the strength of our collective history.

This project is designed to make contact with every relative possible. As you contact me, I will build web sites of communication with your branch of the family. Click here for an example of current heraldry research for McGunn.

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