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Birth Mother: McGunn
B-Father: Williamson
Adoptive parents - Cook
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Jason McGunn

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More than a special gift!

Allow me to express my personal gratitude that you have taken the time to visit Hearts of Passion. I am excited to share my personal story and the original inspiration for Hearts of Passion with you! The inspiration for this program is very personal so to feel comfortable sharing it, I hope you do not mind if I think of you like family, or at least my close friend.

When I was born my birth mother made a decision, that I imagine must have been difficult, to put me up for adoption. Although I was adopted and raised well, that event positioned me to face life-long challenges that you might be able to relate to at least partially with respect to broken families. Sometimes I felt completely lost and forgotten, even spiritually, but life has proven to me that everything happens for a reason.

I was destined to find my birth parents in my search. The experience of complete separation from my history was confusing, but now I have a unique understanding of the value of maintaining family relationships. Listen to this incredible blessing! I video taped more than twenty hours of wonderful family history stories, otherwise lost forever, told by my grandfather before he passed away from cancer recently.

Beyond any struggles I have endured, the lessons of unity that I can now experience with my family are invaluable and important for our fulfillment. My life challenge and purpose is to develop and exemplify that unity so completely that we influence the world. Hearts of Passion is the launching pad and vehicle for the development of that influence. Although much of my family is not yet fully informed about Hearts of Passion, (I am still hoping to meet them and get to know them) we are certainly on the road to blessings beyond measure. Now, we have a lifetime of catching up to do. I'm sure you can imagine, that will require plenty of extra time and I am hoping that I can count on you for a HUGE favor.

But first I want to offer you a Gift of Appreciation. Click Now to visit

Thank you again for visiting. Together we influence unity and strength! I sincerely appreciate you and wish you a great day.

THANK YOU!, Sign my personal guest book.

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