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Birth Mother: McGunn
B-Father: Williamson
Adoptive parents - Cook
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Hearts of Passion Inc. fundraising ideas

Are you in search of fundraising jobs?
Does your non-profit organization rely on fundraising activity?
Do you need some terrific fundraising ideas?

If your answer to any of those questions was yes, you’re in the right place! Something BIG is happening, and I urge you to read this page carefully to make sure you don’t miss out. Are you a...
  • Busy individual open to making extra money on a flexible, part-time or full-time work at home job while automatically fundraising?
  • Non Profit organization open to hearing about part-time, flexible fundraising jobs at home and creative fundraising ideas?
  • Profit organization open to hearing about a way to cut costs, increase revenue and automatically benefit the fundraising efforts of non-profit organizations?

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Free fundraising ideas and jobs
NEWS FLASH: The economy will rise and fall unpredictably! Unfortunately, economic cycles are part of modern life. While it’s safe to say that fundraising jobs are never easy, in down times, non-profit organizations may find the challenge even more difficult. But . . . what if you could support the cause you care about by simply saving money on your utility, telecom or internet service –– bills that you have to pay every month anyway? How about free, recession-proof fundraising ideas with a solid, global company (documented as one of the fastest growing in the world), tested and proven with a ten-year track record? It’s simple –– your family, friends and members get their services through you, or your non-profit organization. The services are free to try, with no cost and no commitment. You and your organization get paid a commission every time the bill is paid! What a concept! Thanks to energy and utility deregulation, we’re about to experience the greatest redistribution of wealth in history! Do not get distracted from verifying this fact immediately. Don't miss the boat –– ask for details!

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Hearts of Passion mission
The Hearts of Passion mission is to embody and make popular the reality that giving is receiving! Through community service and a unique, proven fundraising program, we demonstrate to individuals, companies and organizations that helping others costs nothing and creates contagious, exponential personal success!

We are in position to accomplish the financial goals of our mission to become the largest benefactor to charity in history. We are re-directing revenue from the world’s largest industries (and largest monopolies) into the pockets of those who help benefit communities, churches and charitable organizations by using the same concept –– Just a simple referral! Does it make sense to take a few moments to look closer at how you might help us help you? We have created a system that works for every individual –– a fundraising vehicle that benefits everyone! This program offers discounted essential services, FREE to try with no commitment, and helps us all to maximize our community resources. Join us and find out about amazing fundraising ideas that support your cause!

To read about what inspired the Hearts of Passion mission, Click here.

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Hearts of Passion partners

To get information, join or support the Hearts of Passion Inc. network and take advantage of our successful and creative fundraising ideas, follow directions of at least one item below for details.

  1. Free to try - Our essential services are free to try--with no obligation-- and are designed to benefit you.
  2. Work at home - Gain control of your career, income, schedule and fundraising efforts with part-time jobs by making simple referrals. Make money with the full support of Hearts of Passion Inc.!
  3. Free url submit - If you have a web site, become linking partners with our goggle free url submit feature.

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There are many ways to demonstrate giving is receiving by doing something that is free of monetary expense, helps you in some way and benefits others.
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