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Birth Mother: McGunn
B-Father: Williamson
Adoptive parents - Cook
Foster Family - Foster
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The definition for ‘Goggle search engine’ is, "the search engine inside your brain that seeks out the core of YOU." Our brains are like sophisticated ‘super’ computers. Unfortunately, most of us only use 5-10% of its capabilities. If we scanned the brain of an extremely successful person, like Oprah Winfrey or Bill Gates and then compared them to a scan of our own brain, would they look the same? What is the difference between their brains and ours? The answer is, "goggle search engine optimization." They simply optimized their goggle search engine! If they can find their core purpose and have ultimate success, so can you! Maximize your personal power. Do not miss out on the new, FDA approved goggle SEO system and the mental clarity that you will achieve after reading this page completely.

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Introducing the goggle SEO system, designed to help individuals and organizations concentrate on their core purpose, thereby maximizing mental focus and success. The goggle SEO greatly enhances your brain’s efficiency, fully activating your success mechanism and allowing you to make the best use of your time. Goggle search engine theory of optimization has four points of guidance to core purpose. The best is saved for last, but the middle fills in the blanks.

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Goggle search engine theory
The key theory of Goggle search engine is, "there is a reason for everything." You may have been searching for google search engine, but there’s a reason you found the goggle search engine system instead! Some so-called "experts" contend that google is the most visited search engine in the world. That may be true, but hopefully, goggle search engine is visited more. Have you visited your brain today? We know the two terms are alike, but all joking aside, this goggle search engine theory is sound. (Not to mention traffic is high!) It just needs to be targeted to a core purpose to become powerful. The calm and inner awareness that comes from solid goggle SEO work allows for concentrated energy targeted to your goggle core purpose.

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Goggle search engine destiny
Goggle search engine theory states, "everyone has a destiny". Destiny does not mean that your life is written in stone, but destiny is your core purpose identified by good goggle SEO. Whether you consider yourself a sales and marketing person or not, we all have a destiny that includes the promotion of something. You may be an aspiring song lyrics writer promoting your music, an organization promoting charity, or a preacher promoting spirituality, but we all have something to preach about. The key is, utilize your goggle search engine effectively so that when personal SEO work is done and you have identified your goggle core purpose, true destiny follows naturally. It is your true destiny to have everything you need completely fulfilled! We handle all goggle search engine unification to supply support for your journey to success.

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Goggle search engine unification
Goggle search engine theory knows, "there is strength in the leverage that comes with numbers". When goggle search engines (people), are linked together in unification we experience geometric progression and success. Working together for the ‘greater goggle good’ creates an environment where all goggle SEO journeys become simple and more fun. When we begin to enjoy the journey, sharing our goggle search with a friend or family member becomes natural. Then affirmation success compounds by creating goggle leverage and unification. Hearts of Passion Inc. is looking to partner with a few sharp goggle search engines to work on personal SEO and focus on your higher goggle purpose.

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Goggle fact, fiction or joke?
The bottom line about goggle search engine is, "Google is one of the most searched words on the internet" Therefore, goggle is one of the most misspelled words on the internet. Hearts of Passion Inc., has a system in place to help individuals and organizations focus on their core purpose. If there was a way you could really focus on your core purpose, make extra money, gain more control of your time and experience personal growth would you want to know about it? You found the right place! We figured, "tell them a fabricated story, that will build trust." The fact is, your time is appreciated and well spent. Our sincere goggle purpose is to create a cause of unification that benefits everyone and helps us all to maximize the greater goggle purpose within. Selected Internet friends and partners will receive free Internet web design, training and marketing support for your higher goggle purpose. Join us in this non-fiction cause to support Goggle SEO unification (Hearts of Passion Inc.)!

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