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 Open Casting Calls | Open Casting Calls for extras | Funny Video Clips | Audition monologues

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Entertainment Networking group

Important: This is a totally original type of program that you have not seen before, so read carefully to avoid missing it.
This is a special open casting calls network for aspiring actors, producers, artists and seasoned professionals. Our purpose is to connect the talent pool with the executives--utilizing this network--to help you achieve your dreams. Through our work-at-home system, we position the group to spend more time focused on audition monologues and actual auditions. Many actors are forced to work a ‘regular job’ to survive. Your level of success used to be dictated by a few companies. Technology has progressed to the degree that if we join together, we control our success. What if you could replace your regular job with a work-at-home job, gaining control of your time and focusing on your passion?
You see, open casting calls is a ‘keyword’ on the Internet that we are able to capitalize on! It connects us with people who are seeking open casting calls for extras, funny video clips and audition monologues. Which is great, because our network is interested in meeting talent for future personal and affiliate productions. The company produces various types of projects that include funny video clips. Most importantly, this site is designed to attract the attention of new actors seeking exposure through open casting calls for extras, or an opportunity to work toward their goal. It’s also designed for the seasoned actor who is open to making extra money through flexible work-at-home opportunities that are designed to fit around their hectic schedules.

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Open Casting Calls
Open casting calls are ongoing for future projects, affiliate projects and star search auditions. Supporters of Hearts of Passion Inc. allow us to develop more projects and help more people. The pool of talent that we choose to work with now and in the future will be the foundation of this company. Joining our network to support Hearts of Passion Inc. is simple, free and fast. Learn how simple it is to qualify for the open casting calls network.

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Open Casting Calls for Extras
How long do you think you will be answering open casting calls for extras before you are discovered? You never know, right? The reality is, even when there is success, the seasoned actor knows that auditioning is just part of the gig. Anyway, for some it is not so important because "we’re having fun!" Most hope to have success sooner than later. Open casting calls for extras are fun, but what if you could gain more control of your future. Wouldn't you want to know how? Hearts of passion Inc. is a network of actors who are fed up with being controlled by the big companies and have decided to take their future into their own hands.

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Funny Video clips
Are you a comedic actor? How about a comedy fan? Some of the projects we produce include funny video clips. Funny video clips are very popular on the Internet! This section will be used to locate funny video clips and we will include some of our own video clips here soon. To support the development of this program, you can become accepted into this funny video clips program by doing one or more of the three following activities. Learn how simple it is to support the development of the open casting call/ funny video clips network.

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Audition Monologues
So . . . . your open casting calls campaign was successful and you’re auditioning regularly. Great! This audition monologues section is designed to hone your auditioning skills to give you more success individually and as a team! The goal is to help you become affiliated with increasing numbers of successful actors and entertainment professionals to elevate your own level of success. Audition monologues will help us join forces as a team for this purpose.

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How to join the open casting calls networking group
Joining the open casting calls network to support your cause through Hearts of Passion Inc. is simple, free and fast. There are many benefits to supporting this organization. It’s a self-funded program, and together we operate a simple business. You can choose to profit or save money, which automatically supports the cause, allowing us to operate, network and support each other! Do you consider yourself a team player? You can become accepted into this open casting calls network by doing one or more of the three following activities. This qualifies you to be considered for the open casting calls network and naturally supports a cause that is important to all of us. Join the open casting calls network team as we combine our efforts to assure your success!

    To Join, or support the open casting calls network, follow directions below.

  1. Free to try - Our essential services are free to try--with no obligation-- and are designed to benefit you.
  2. Work at home - Gain control of your career, income and schedule. Make money supported by our work at home casting calls network!
  3. Free url submit - If you have a web site, become linking partners with our free url submit feature.

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