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Birth Mother: McGunn
Birth Father: Williamson
Adoptive parents - Cook
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Creative fundraising ideas profit table
Creative fundraising ideas do not have to be complicated, expensive or time consuming. These fundraising ideas are free to try with no cost or commitment to the member. They create passive residual income for participants. Ideas for fundraising activities are designed with Hearts of Passion to influence mass benefit through individuals, companies and organizations doing their part to redirect revenue away from the utilities monopoly to our communities, churches and charities. Government mandated deregulation makes this possible. You are invited to receive free information on how to profit, or save and support fundraising ideas for your cause!

Participation Members Billing Commission Monthly Income
Long Distance (residential long distance based on $25.00 per month per member)
100% 500 $12,500.00 8% $1,000.00
200% 1,000 $25,000.00 8% $2,000.00
400% 2,000 $50,000.00 8% $4,000.00
1000% 5,000 $125,000.00 8% $10,000.00
Local Phone service (residential local phone based on $25.00 per month per member)
100% 500 $12,500.00 8% $1,000.00
200% 1,000 $25,000.00 8% $2,000.00
400% 2,000 $50,000.00 8% $4,000.00
1000% 5,000 $125,000.00 8% $10,000.00
Internet (internet service based on $19.99 per month per member)
100% 500 $9,995.00 8% $799.60
200% 1,000 $19,990.00 8% $1,599.20
400% 2,000 $39,980.00 8% $3,198.40
1000% 5,000 $99,950.00 8% $7,996.00
Gas & Electric (Gas & Electric service based on $125.00 per month per member)
100% 500 $62,500.00 3% $1,875.00
200% 1,000 $125,000.00 3% $3,750.00
400% 2,000 $250,000.00 3% $7,500.00
1000% 5,000 $625,000.00 3% $18,750.00

Creative fundraising ideas TOP

Future Services
Digital Cellular
Cable Television

Please keep in mind, these funds are generated from Residential Bills ONLY.
Business customers and our bonus plan can greatly increase the funds generated.

Note: This is only a numerical example and in no way guarantees representatives earnings with ACN Inc.

Creative fundraising ideas TOP

Ideas for fundraising activities
There are many great ways to insure successful fundraising activities and these fundraising ideas are better that any I have ever seen! They are innovative, powerful, and offer countless benefits to all fundraising activities. Here are just a few:


  1. Savings on services everyone uses every day - essential services!
  2. The services are free for your members to try - no cost.!
  3. There is no commitment required to stay with the service - no contracts


  1. Create an ongoing passive residual income.
  2. No inventory, no cookies, no candy or other products to store, sell or deliver.
  3. No collections, no money exchanges hands.

Creative fundraising ideas TOP

Fundraising Ideas support
It’s simple and free to benefit from or support this free fundraising ideas network. To Join today, or support the Hearts of Passion creative fundraising ideas program, follow the directions for one or more of the items below.

  1. Free to try - Our essential services are free to try--with no obligation-- and are designed to benefit you.
  2. Work at home - Gain control of your career, income, schedule and organization. Make money supported by our work-at-home network!
  3. Free url submit - If you have a web site, become linking partners with our free url submit feature.


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