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Birth Mother: McGunn
Birth Father: Williamson
Adoptive parents - Cook
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Do not miss the ultimate dream lifestyle! "Become the largest benefactor ever with us!"

Hearts of Passion mission

Giving is receiving
Hearts of Passion, Inc is a non-profit coalition. We work to show individuals, companies and organizations how to make money or save money on their own utility or telecom bills. This process automatically supports the organizations they care about. We have created a system that enhances any individual or organizational fundraising effort. We can even enhance the marketing efforts of for-profit companies!

The Hearts of Passion system is designed to fit in to your busy schedule and compliment everything that you currently do. We know that sounds too good to be true, but you can say that about all miracles, can't you? Create your own miracle today! Hearts of Passion can only accomplish its mission with your support.

Hearts of Passion's focus is to revolutionize charitable giving. We hope to attract substantial community participation to develope a sustainable and residual fundraising source for all charity organizations. Together we raise popular awareness that giving is receiving. We encourage everyone to participate in our cause to demonstrate to the world that helping others costs nothing and giving creates contagious, exponential personal success!

Organizational Goals

  1. To support 1000 charitable organizations through the Hearts of Passion system.
  2. To build a network of 5000 "Passion Partners" all working to spread the good news of great cause
  3. To create 20,000 new financially free "charitable givers" through the Hearts of Passion system

If we accomplish these goals we would achieve our mission of "Becoming the largest benefactor to charity in history" by giving individuals the key to financial freedom!

We can only do that with your help, so
please click to help now!

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There are many ways to demonstrate giving is receiving by doing something that is free of monetary expense, helps you in some way and benefits others.
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