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Birth Mother: McGunn
B-Father: Williamson
Adoptive parents - Cook
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Unlocking the lifestyle of your dreams!

What is the best way to live your dream lifestyle?
Whether you are spiritual or not, do you really believe in the scripture, "Give and you shall receive"? Believe it, or not, we are here to prove it and make a tremendous impact on the world.

Introducing the team with Hearts of Passion.
We are Hearts of Passion.
Together, we impact the world and help individuals and organizations live their dreams. Magically, the more we give, the more we receive. We are competetive with the best. Our commitment is to give more than anyone, ever!

Why participate in this leadership team?
This is the team that will influence and override a high percentage of Hearts of Passion's success. Based on our mission, "Our ultimate mission is to become the largest benefactor to charity in history while giving individuals the key to financial freedom!", that is a substantial degree of success to benefit from. More importantly, you are making a wonderful impact on the world!

How can I be part of this leadership team?
Contact your upline executive, (the person who showed you the business) immediately to let him know exactly what day this week you will accomplish steps one and two. Ask your upline TODAY about the latest date you can get trained without missing your chance.

To Qualify:
1. Ask how, and acquire 25 households, or a minimum of 50 services this week.
2. Contact us now to schedule a home meeting. (pbr)
3. Contact us now to confirm your pre-registration to the next regional/national training event.
Do not miss out!
Are you one of the key leaders we are seeking TODAY?
This team of five chosen key leaders wants to become Coordinator with ACN Inc., before July 19, 2004. That is a very aggresive timeline that will position you to earn six figures. You.will receive exclusive, special support from the TOP executives of ACN. In addition you will receive access to exclusive marketing tools that are like rocket fuel for your business! We are looking to fill these positions immediately. If you are interested in doing whatever it takes to accomplish that goal,
identify yourself TODAY.

Did you surf in? Learn more about Hearts of Passion. Subscribe for updates. Enter your name and email in the updates box to the upper right for information now!

If you are already part of the team, or want to be, contact us for your password to gain entry.

Team Compensation Overview

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